You are now in Eclecticstan


Women in Eclecticstani churches wear head coverings!
Many languages, octopus soup, and head coverings!

What do these items have in common? They can all be seen in “Eclecticstan”! What?! You’ve never heard of Eclecticstan? Well, let me enlighten you!

My classmates and I recently “visited” a fictional country:  “Eclecticstan” as part of our missions training. Eclecticstan is a “country” like no other! In Eclecticstan, a person can hear Arabic, Russian, German, Norwegian, and French languages! A person can lose their suitcase, have their passport “lost” only to be found when a customs official is paid, have a flight delayed, get a flat tire, and eat baby octopus soup all in one evening!

We also “ministered” to pastors, to people at an earthquake “disaster site”, in a local “church”, and on “radio”. We learned to be ready to teach any subject, to adapt to the culture (so ladies wore head coverings in church), and how to eat baby octopus soup. (My favorite! Yum!)

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” has taken on new meaning!

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