What do you eat? I heard this question often while in the US this summer. Some people think that when you go to the mission field, you will never be able to eat the way you do in America. While it is true that there are some items that can’t be found here (like baking powder and chocolate chips); there are also a lot of great local foods that you can’t get in the US!! To clear up misconceptions, there are two McDonalds franchises where I live in Vinnitsa!!

Many yummy local foods can only be found in Ukraine! Examples include котлета по киевская (chicken Kiev), борщ (borscht), плов (sorta’ like fried rice), and a personal favorite пирожный картошки (pirozhny kartoshky!!) There is no US equivalent for pirozhny kartoshky!! But it’s chocolate and tastes better than brownies!! There are all sorts of different beet and cabbage salads, plenty of fresh herbs, as well as more chocolate candy than any where in the US. (President Poroshenko, the current president, owns the largest candy company in Ukraine. When he ran for presidency in 2014, I said to many people  “That would be like Hershey or Willie Wonka running for president in the US.” He had an unfair advantage!)

When people gather, there always seems to be tea and something good to eat. Look at the pictures below for a few examples of local foods that I enjoy. I am not starving!!


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