Jesus, the Passover Lamb


Sergei Tikhonyuk (a Rhema Ukraine student) was an alcoholic and drug addict for many years. His wife and children prayed for him and he eventually became a Christian. He decided to go to Bible School at Rhema Ukraine where he is currently an advanced training student. 

Last summer, God led Sergei to become a chaplain in the Ukrainian military. Sergei travels back and forth between Vinnitsa, Ukraine and the eastern front where war still rages. At Easter, he was asked to hold a service. He was initially scared because he had never done an Easter service, but agreed to do so. He earnestly prayed and studied! Traditionally, in Orthodox churches in Ukraine, people bring bread and eggs for the priests to bless. When Sergei arrived in the tent, 200 men dressed in battle gear with rifles stood ready to listen. They brought bread for him to bless. 

Sergei looked at the bread on the table and said, “I want to tell you about Jesus, the passover lamb.” Sergei shared a gospel message. When he was done, he gave an invitation and every man in the tent stood to receive Jesus. He later was invited to eat with some military brass who had not been in his service. While eating, they discussed the bread and eggs that the priests blessed. Sergei said, “I can’t take this any more. I’ve got to tell you about Jesus, the passover lamb.” He shared with these men about Jesus and they also received Jesus!

​Rhema Ukraine students continue to grow and take steps to share the love of Christ with the nation of Ukraine! Your support makes this possible! Thank you!

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