Trust in the Transition


TRUST IN THE TRANSITION: Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year. I love the colors, the crisp, cool air, and the anticipation of snow in the near future. Each fall, the colors change gradually from green leaves to partially green with various reds, yellows, oranges, rusts, etc. Eventually the leaves change entirely to the “color” of fall, filling the landscape with brilliant hues that only God Himself could splash on the canvas of the earth as the Master Artist.  

I recently made a transition from Vinnitsa, Ukraine to Kiev, Ukraine. Similar to the change of seasons from summer to fall, there are bits of the old season that have shown up in this season. I still have the same supervisors. (Thank God! I love them!) But in looking for a new church, I was delighted to run into an old friend from Vinnitsa at a church here in Kiev. (See the picture above!!!) We went out for lunch and in the midst of everything being “new,” my old friend Lena was a welcome sight. 

Things are changing here. Even the way we have conducted Rhema Bible Training Center in the past may change because of the new environment. In this time of transition, I am grateful that my trust is located, not in old routines, or even old friends (however welcome they might be), but in the God who led me to Ukraine in the first place. While finding my way around a bigger city and trying to find a new church can be challenging, there are some really wonderful, new opportunities here to make new friends, learn new things, and see the work of the kingdom expanded.

Trust in the Transition: The seasons change but God does not. He can be trusted when everything around us is changing! More to come soon about some of the new things!!!


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