Peace and Truth in the Midst of Chaos

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever!

As I write, COVID 19 has been impacting lives all over the world. I personally haven’t been able to work at school teaching music at Kyiv Christian Academy. My responsibilities with respect to Rhema Bible Training Center continue in a limited fashion. Gatherings of more than 10 people are illegal. I can continue to work on the things that are always done from the internet or computer like attendance, online tests, etc. But traveling for courses stopped last weekend. I’ve thought about what I could say that might help. The reality is there is probably not much I can add to the conversation about social distancing, hand washing, face touching, etc. I have nothing to add when it comes to the scientific side of things.

Unchanging Truths

However, there are some things that never change. There are things I can focus my attention on in the midst of chaos, hoarding, and fear. First, the truth never changes. Methods of presenting the truth change continuously with each new generation of technology. The truth itself is always the same. This is why continuing to read my Bible and pray is so important. I keep up on the news enough to stay abreast of what is happening. But listening to a steady diet of talking heads predicting the end of the world as we know it is not going to bring me peace.

I am writing from the first person. I myself need to remember these things. But in a world struggling to contain a new virus, the best thing all of us can do is to hold our peace. It is the one thing Jesus said He would give us. John 14 tells us He gives us a peace that is not like the peace the world gives. If you take even the most cursory glance around right now, you can see the world is fearful, fretting, and anxious. I am endeavoring to walk into the world with peace. I do everything civil authorities are asking of me, no handshaking, limiting social contact, etc. But I’m not hoarding food or toilet paper. I am working to enter a world that has lost its’ peace and bring peace in the midst of troubled times. Not the peace the world gives, but peace from my spirit that soothes troubled souls and quietly prays when others are obviously in distress.

Can I simply encourage you to do the same?

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