Happy Thanksgiving! I am in the US for Thanksgiving and the holidays this year! What a blessing it is to be able to be “home for the holidays.” Many of the people who will read this have helped me in so many ways. I just want to take time out to say thank you for


Jesus, the Passover Lamb

Sergei Tikhonyuk (a Rhema Ukraine student) was an alcoholic and drug addict for many years. His wife and children prayed for him and he eventually became a Christian. He decided to go to Bible School at Rhema Ukraine where he is currently an advanced training student.  Last summer, God led Sergei to become a chaplain

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First steps!

Growing up is such an interesting process! Babies are born and they are so innocent and precious. We watch with delight as they begin to take their first steps and eat real food. As they get older they go to school, learn to run errands for their parents, and even begin to drive. Spiritually speaking, I

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I am thankful for so much this year! Rhema Ukraine continues to move forward in spite of the challenges presented by the political situation here. Rhema Vinnitsa students finished their first level in the spring and are continuing their education. My mother is alive and we recently had GREAT reports from the doctors. (She doesn’t have

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What do you eat? I heard this question often while in the US this summer. Some people think that when you go to the mission field, you will never be able to eat the way you do in America. While it is true that there are some items that can’t be found here (like baking powder


Celebrating, but we’re not done yet!

Students and Staff RBTC Vinnitsa 2015 Celebrations! We recently held the last class of this session for basic training students at the Rhema Vinnitsa campus with music, words of love and gratitude for the students’ sacrifice, and of course, lots of FOOD! In thinking of this last formal opportunity to share with these students, a phrase came to me, “You’re not

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The Word and Prayer!

Irpen, Ukraine Ministers’ Conference The Word and Prayer! January: a time for new beginnings. In January, we started the year with a faith conference in Irpen, Ukraine. This was a gathering of Ukrainian pastors, ministers, and missionaries. The Word was taught and we prayed together as the early church did in Acts 4. We prayed together concerning the situation in eastern Ukraine

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Our God is Greater!

A Russian warship Are you facing a challenge? In the spring of this year, we at Rhema Bible Training College Ukraine faced a major obstacle as Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula. The city we’d called home: Sevastopol, was not necessarily safe for us any more. We moved to a safer area of Ukraine and prayed and

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