Jesus Continues to Build His Church!

Small Beginnings:

It was a modest start. Rhema Ukraine hosted Pastor Robert Tomascheck from Germany to teach a seminar on church planting. Robert is the European director of Dynamic Church Planting International: an organization that specializes in helping pastors start new churches.

Gathered in the classroom were about 30 people which came to learn about how to begin a church. Many of them already pioneered a church already and had established works. Some were in the process of beginning a new church and looking for answers to tough questions. Others were simply there because they believed the Lord asked them to come. 

This is one of those faith moments. It didn’t look like many people had come. But we knew the Lord had led us to offer this seminar here in Ukraine where there are precious few Bible believing, Bible teaching churches. As it turned out, the precise right people were there.

Jesus continues to build His church! We held the training in April. In the intervening months, some of the pastors above who were also certified to be trainers of the church planting essentials course have already held their own trainings in their regions of Ukraine. Additionally, at the recent Dynamic Church Planters International training held in Munich, Germany, Ukrainian pastors from above were in attendance.

Ukrainian leaders are passionate about building the church and seeing churches planted not just in Ukraine but all over Europe. Jesus continues to build His church!

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